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Opening times for the bar are...

Daily from 12pm


Our serving times for Food are...


Please note we are on a different menu to what is shown below...



For enquiries and reservations:

Please call: 01947 841010


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Are you, your friends or family having a special event or function this year?


Then why not take some stress away and let our friendly, experienced staff here at the Runswick Bay Hotel cover your catering or bar service!

We also can cater for large tables, hot and cold buffets etc on site.


Along with our main menu, we have Specials and Dessert boards that frequently change.

Lunch Menu 


Served on a choice of white or brown bread.

Cheese, onion + chutney £5.45

Ham £5.45 

Tuna Mayo £5.45 

BLT £5.95

Cheese + Tomato £4.95 

Fish Goujon £7.95

Prawn Marie Rose £7.45


Cheese & Onion £5.45 

Bacon, Brie & Cranberry £6.45

BBQ Chicken & Cheese £6.45 

Cheesy Tuna £5.95 

Cheese & Beans £4.95 

Ham & Cheese £5.95 

Bank Top Hot One - Chicken, Jalapenos, Chorizo, sweet chilli sauce & Cheese £6.95

Light Bites


served with salad and a garlic mayo dip £7.95 

Cheesy Nachos

topped with jalapenos, chorizo and dips 

small £5.95 Sharing £7.95

Battered Chicken Goujons

served with a sweet chilli dip £5.95

Halloumi Fries

served with a sweet chilli dip £6.45


Corned Beef and Onion Pie

Served with chips, gravy and garden peas £9.95

Cheeseburger with Bacon

served with chips, salad and coleslaw £12.95


Whitby Scampi

served with chips, salad and a choice of peas £12.95

Beer Battered Cod

served with chips, a salad garish and choice of peas £12.95

Vegetable Chilli

served with rice, salad garnish and nachos £11.95

Moules Mariniere

served with crusty bread and chips £14.45

Evening Menu


King Prawns + Chorizo  

in a garlic sweet chilli sauce with crusty bread £8.25

Brie and Red Onion Chutney Tart
with a cranberry dip £6.45

Chicken Goujon's

Served with a sweet chilli dip £5.95

Soup of the Day
Served with crusty bread £4.95 

Cheesy Nacho's 

topped with jalapenos, chorizo and dips 

Small £5.95 Sharing £7.95 



Wok Chicken 

with ginger, chilli and garlic sauce - served with rice, chips or 1/2 and 1/2 £13.95 

Trio of Sausage 

With wholegrain mustard crushed new potatoes, garden peas and onion gravy £12.45 

Pan Fried Chicken 

Served in a choice of Stilton, Pepper or Diane sauce with a choice of potato £12.95 

Tikka Masala Curry

Served with rice, mango chutney and a poppadum 
Chicken £12.95 King Prawn £13.95 Vegetable £12.45

Whitby Breaded Scampi  

Served with chips and a choice of garden or mushy peas £12.45

Seafood Linguini

served in a white wine and garlic cream sauce £14.45

Sweet & Sour Stir Fry

served with rice and prawn crackers 

Chicken £12.95 King Prawn £13.45 Vegetable £11.95

Gammon Steak

Served with pineapple, fried egg, salad and a choice of potato £13.95


with either a coconut, chilli and lime sauce or mariniere sauce served with chips and crusty bread £14.25

Wild Mushroom,

courgette and Parmesan Linguini £12.45

Pan Seared Salmon 

with a wild mushroom cream sauce served on a bed of sauteed potatoes and salad £13.95

Bank Top Beef Burger

topped with bacon and cheddar cheese served with chips and salad £12.95

Beef and Guiness Stew

with mashed potato, yorkshire pudding and vegetables £13.95

Chicken Parmo

served with a choice of potato and salad garnish £11.95

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